Friday Fun

Friday Fun


More than 10 year ago, Shri. R.K. Narayan , a famous writer in English and Rajya Sabha Member at that time, made a passionate plea to the nation to reduce the weight of school bag. Educationists all over the country supported him. Many states are vigourously implementing  light school policy to this day. Good for the back bone of the children!

Again, educationists all over the country demand an education that emphasizes learning with understanding, not just rote learning.  CBSE is one board that spearheads in insisting on learning with understanding. The joy of learning shall not kill in the temples of learning. If that happens everywhere, it will be good for the nation.

Teaching text books from cover to cover, regular chalk and talk methods of teaching, routine tests and reports do not kindle the creativity of the children. There are many interesting ways to teach that captivates the attention of the children and get them fully involved.

We, at Alagar Public school, are striving to give the children the joy of learning. Why not at least on one day children come to school without books and notebooks?    Why don’t we give a variety of experiences to the children in learning? Projects, role plays, hobbies, co curricular activities, presentations, talent shows … One can keep naming.

All this and more happens on FRIDAYS at Alagar.

Fridays are no books days!


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