Correspondent Message

Correspondent Message

As William Butler Yeats rightly says that “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”
Education should awaken the joy in learning. It should ignite the fire of broadening the horizon of knowledge and clarity of perception and prepare himself/herself to make a worthy contribution to the world they live at large.

In Alagar Public School we not only focus on intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of a child but also nurture healthy attitude and imbibe good values. We provide a condusive atmosphere and foster students to develop their talents and potential to explore what is predominant in them and bring the best out of it.


“Children should grow with an uncluttered intelligence that is not identified and untangled in religious doctrine or

prejudice,  will naturally lead to ultimate blossoming of the intelligence”  - Sadhguru.


Each individual is respected and recognized irrespective of race, gender and culture. In Alagar Public School we focus 0n overall development of the child so that when they step out of this institution, they will be efficient enough to face any challenge in their career with courage, confidence and clarity which will lead to the ultimate success in life.

Education should not be a pressure but serve as a tool to become into a responsible human and also hold his/her integrity without the fear of consequence.


-  Priyadharshini Kesavan.



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