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IMG_5926 Hello everyone, so it is that time of the year when one is introspecting and trying to analyse what went right and the areas that needs improvement.....   Read more                                                                                                                 


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To express a blessing is like bestowing a wish on someone that they will experience the favor of God
GESE focuses on building motivation and confidence in using English and enable students to chart their progress from beginner to proficiency.
“I love Learning in my Chrysalis Think rooms”
Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God...
Congratulations to "SHREYAS PATNAIK" and
"YUWASRI KAVITHA M" as they are qualified for the next level in the National Science Olympiad Exam


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Welcome to Alagar Public School

BuildingAlagar Public School – Promoted by Alagar charitable Foundation, an initiative of the eight decade old business conglomerate, Alagar Group of Companies, Tuticorin. We, at Alagar Public School, firmly believe in the ancient Indian traditional education system where teachers are to be venerated and who are dedicated to help us to know ourselves and understand our innate mind…


In a short span of three years Alagar Public School has carved a niche for itself in Tuticorin.

It began in 2009 when the eight decade old business conglomerate Alagar group of companies under two aegis of our chairman Mr. A. Jeyaraman first conceived the idea and developed it into reality.

The school offers the renowned CBSE Curriculum and aims at academic excellence, positive social values and creative freedom. At Alagar students have exposure beyond books and academia.



How does a school make difference? All the usual answers leap to mind, but what Alagar does most of all is that it exudes a positive energy which stays the whole day through.

The core identity of Alagar has always been the ‘Student’. We believe in the dictum. “If you cannot learn the way you teach, can you teach the way I learn?”. All our school activities are geared towards making ‘learning’ a joyful process.



Alagar’s 6 acres campus boasts of a unique architectural design. It is designed to give students maximum space. There are open corridors throughout the school that provide vistas of light and shade. All our spacious classrooms have ample light.